Bays & Bows

If you’re looking to gain additional space in your living room, dining room or bedroom, then the curved bay area is designed to do just that. As the bay protrudes outwards, rather than remaining flat like a standard window, you will gain extra space inside as well as creating a charming aesthetic to the outside of your property in Surrey and Middlesex.

Bay and Bow Window Ideas

When you choose our attractive bay and bow windows there are many ways you can make them unique to your property. The ultra slim sightlines allow plenty of natural light to enter which is perfect for enhancing your living space in to a bright and welcoming room.

We offer a range of colours, glazing options and window accessories and we know there is something for everyone’s personal taste. You have the option of either a sculptured or chamfered rebate detailing – depending on whether you prefer a curved appearance or a more crisp contemporary style.

For structural support, bay poles can be fitted through the cill and into a hidden bearing plate so you won’t have to worry.

To create a single cill underneath all the uPVC windows, the external cill is welded together to create a seamless edge.

Dummy sashes can be incorporated to create equal sightlines. These will enhance the appearance and complete the look.

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